Clarify Your General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Generally, a bubble ride lasts for about ten minutes, and the bubbleballs do not pose any danger as long as they are handled properly.

Those who have recently suffered back injuries should avoid any sport containing bubbleballs. However, players are protected from injury when they are inside the ball as their bodies are effectively shock-proofed when they are enclosed in the giant bubbleball.

Generally, the ball is a relatively large size (depending on the individual’s size), but if you find that it is too tight, we advise you to keep someone with you so they can assist you with removing the ball if it gets uncomfortable.

Any open areas are the best location for playing with bubbleballs. A wide variety of parks and condos are suitable for this purpose. In case your house has an open area, that is also an option. It doesn’t really matter where you are as long as they are open.

It is possible to play in light rain. However, we would recommend taking shelter as a precaution during heavy downpours.